Our Approach

William J. Klaiber

I have been in the home builder industry since 1981, I love what I do...
We have built many different types of homes, additions, buildings and in-ground pools.
The knowledge and experience that we bring to the table as your General Contractor gives you exceptional workmanship. I take great pride in my work and always work for a great finish product. We strive for integrity in all we do and I know that nothing that I have ever accomplished was by me alone. We have a great team and a "Greater God" that has Truly Blessed Me & My Family.


We've been voted "Best Home Builder In The Tri-State" and have worked on many types of projects from residential commercial as well as industrial.


We like to take each job as a challenge to do it different and make it stand apart from the rest. Contact Us Today And Let Us Customize Your Dream Today Into Reality Tomorrow.

Our Story

Teamwork is the fuel that alows common people to attain uncommon results

I very much rely on a team to get me through each journey.  My Greatest Support is God. Without Him to guide me i could do nothing...

My Family is a Great Support

It is important to keep members on our team who are drug-free & trustworthy.

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